Despite the warnings, the placement of signs, the consecutive increase in the number of parking spaces available, there seems to be no way to end the chaotic traffic in Pico do Areeiro.

This Sunday morning, as the images in the gallery above confirm, the already usual abusive parking continues, with a line of cars occupying the yellow line, which also makes maneuvers and the passage of tourist buses impossible.

It is recalled that, just this week, the regional secretary for the Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change, Susana Prada, visited and announced a new parking space at this location with a capacity for two hundred vehicles.

On the occasion, the minister made it known that the places available in Pico do Areeiro increased from 80 to almost 300, following the Executive’s commitment to guarantee “conditions for visiting the main tourist attractions in nature”. However, even the quintuple of available parking spaces does not seem to be enough to put an end to the lack of control that has been occurring in this tourist spot since the beginning of summer.

From Jornal Madeira

It’s pretty hard to comprehend the amount of traffic travelling to this area, and these huge tourist buses, and the strainit must be putting on the road. One place comes to mind where there is always water running on the road before the place you can stop on the road for the view to the north side. This bit of road always looks like it needs attention.