A group of citizens launched an online petition against the decision of the Municipality of Santa Cruz to create more paid parking lots in downtown Caniço. They intend to reverse the decision of Filipe Sousa’s executive. The contestation has caused a lot of ink to flow on social media.

The decision of the Santa Cruz City Council to increase paid parking spaces in the Municipality continues to be discussed, especially in the parish of Caniço, in the area where most tourism and work activity is concentrated.

According to the petition already launched, which has six dozen subscribers, the group reveals that it is “a group of workers, who, through the introduction of parking meters in the area surrounding the workplace, are left without any alternative for free parking, having with this inflation, plus a monthly cost”.

In addition to the increase in the budget, the group of citizens adds that “the surrounding area has more than 90% of its parking lots occupied by hotel workers, so it is not understood why they want to seek another source of revenue always at the same, to workers. It is no longer enough to increase the tourist tax by 100%, it also comes into the pocket of those who work and always see their monthly salary being reduced with so much inflation”, concludes the note “Against the creation of evil, a cost for families , the lower earners”.

From Jornal Madeira

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