CMF tries to solve water pump malfunction in Cota 40 tunnel

A flood inside the Cota 40 tunnel off the Red Cross, which causes chaos in traffic on several arteries in the center of Funchal, was caused by a malfunction in the pumps that normally keep that road dry and without circulation problems.

According to the Funchal City Council, in an explanation given to the DIÁRIO by the councilor, Bruno Pereira, the malfunction was detected during the night – a problem with the pumps in the Red Cross Tunnel at Cota 40 – and the municipality is doing everything to solve the problem for the situation this morning.

The councilor in charge of Traffic, Civil Protection and Public Works was on site last night with the teams to monitor the work, but unfortunately the matter has not yet been resolved.

CMF asks for the understanding of motorists for this unforeseen event.

From Diário Notícias