It’s totally disgusting that this hasn’t been made simpler for all residents and the same rules for all should be done automatically when booking. 

At issue is the persistence in the fact that Ryanair customers continue not to have access to the mobility allowance, with CTT not recognizing the documents provided by the airline.

The Madeiran parliament is considering this Wednesday the draft law to the Assembly of the Republic, authored by the JPP, entitled ‘amends Decree-Law no. for the attribution of the social mobility allowance, within the scope of air and maritime services between the Mainland and the Autonomous Region of Madeira and between the latter and the Autonomous Region of the Azores’.

The respective presentation was in charge of Élvio Sousa who began by paraphrasing that “what is born crooked never gets straight”.

The parliamentary leader of the JPP puts the focus on non-refunds made to trips made on Ryanair. Élvio Sousa says that one of the solutions is “surgical alteration”.

Élvio Sousa says that citizens cannot be harmed by the free choice of the company where they want to fly, noting that the airline Ryanair “has made it difficult for the accounting beneficiary to obtain by DL 28/2022, in numerous cases, the company airline does not send the required accounting documentation within 90 days, thus hindering the right to reimbursement provided for in the legislation”.

The JPP deputy recognizes that this may not even be the best solution, even due to the expected length of time, but presents the document as one of the solutions to circumvent the documentation requested by CTT, which Ryanair does not provide to its customers, hence this intended change, with the introduction of the word ‘equalization’.

In the explanation of the problem, Élvio Sousa re-emphasized that these types of problems can only be solved by truly regional parties, as will be the case of the JPP, and not “by surrogates”.

The criticisms, which have already been joined by other parties, include alleged promises by the regional secretary responsible for Tourism that the matter would be resolved, which were said to have been made six months ago and which have not yet produced any results, with Ryanair customers not benefit from the mobility allowance, having at a certain point in his speech recalling that the company “receives half a million euros from the Regional Government and two million euros from the Republic”, but that “the Madeirans are the ones who are harmed”.

From Jornal Madeira