The support of 125 euros will reach 500,000 people this Thursday, announced today the Minister of Finance, Fernando Medina, estimating that the processing of the measure will be completed in 10 days.

“The first 500 thousand beneficiaries will receive the 125 euros this Thursday”, said Fernando Medina on the sidelines of a meeting organized by the International Club of Portugal, detailing that the daily rhythm will be 500 thousand payments per day. 

In question is a support of 125 euros paid to non-pensioned adults with monthly incomes of less than 2,700 euros and which is part of the ‘Families first’ package.

Another aspect of this package is the support of 50 euros paid to all dependents up to the age of 24, which will be paid together with the 125 euros.

In this way, said the minister, a family in which both elements of the couple meet the conditions to receive the 125 euros, and which has two children, “will receive 350 euros in their account as of this Thursday”.

Fernando Medina stressed that this support aims to help families in the face of the price increase they are experiencing, but earlier, when he spoke at the meeting, he had already mentioned that it was a “mistake” to think that in the face of a crisis of this magnitude, it could be guaranteed that no one would be affected. 

“I think it would be a mistake for the Government to emphasize the idea that, in the face of this crisis, it would be possible for any Government to guarantee that not everyone would be hit”, he said, adding that “it is not reasonable” to feed the idea “that everyone can be protected in the face of an inflationary crisis”. of this dimension”.

In this context, he explained that the important thing is to have a balance that “we must not spend before having the necessary resources because, when designing support, we cannot “spend before we have the resources to make that expense”.

From Jornal Madeira

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