Albuquerque calls for the Continuation of Golden Visas

At a time when the end of Golden Visas by the Government of the Republic is on the table, Miguel Albuquerque says he is a defender of “positive discrimination” for the autonomous regions regarding the granting of these documents.

The president of the Regional Government said this morning, on the sidelines of the visit to the works to reinforce the adduction to the Tornos channel, in Lombo do Urzal, that he has already asked the three PSD-M deputies [Sérgio Marques, Sara Madruga and Patrícia Dantas] to request in the respective parliamentary hearings that the concession criteria “maintain”.

Albuquerque considers that Golden Visas have created wealth and made it possible for foreigners to invest in residency, which is why it is an advantageous measure for regional development, incomparable to that which takes place in Porto and Lisbon, which have a higher rate of development.

From Diário Notícias

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