‘Another Full House’ in the Port of Funchal

Today, the Port of Funchal has a ‘full house’ with the ships ‘Mein Schiff 4’, ‘Ventura’ and ‘Amera’, moving a total of 8,225 people between passengers and crew, reveals APRAM.

There are 70,000 tourists visiting Funchal aboard cruise ships during this month of November. Over 18,000 of which were transported between yesterday and today. The values ​​are close to those recorded in 2018, the strongest in the sector in the Region.

The ‘Mein Schiff 4’ was the first to arrive. It came from Las Palmas, with 2455 passengers and 895 crew, for a stopover of 33 hours.

The ‘Amera’ stays 13 hours in Madeira and then proceeds to Brest. She came from La Palma with 548 passengers and 370 crew.

The ‘Ventura’ makes an 11-hour stopover in the port of Funchal. Coming from La Palma, with 2823 passengers and 1134 crew, the ship leaves at 6 pm for Southampton.

In two days, yesterday and today, the Port of Funchal received six cruise ships and a movement of 18,440 people between passengers and crew.


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