“Everyone wins” with the TáxisRam and Bolt partnership

The combination of services between TáxisRam and Bolt is being “a success”. The ‘official’ partnership that started last September 15th, despite having already had a pilot project two months before to measure the market’s pulse, will continue for a year, although it does not excuse itself from criticism, including from some taxi drivers from other associations.

Today, Paulo Pereira, president of TáxisRam, and Nuno Inácio, country manager of ride-hailing at Bolt in Portugal, ensured that “everyone wins”, starting with the users who get the most offer, and even with reinforced discounts, until the conductors. And when choosing the vehicle, everything is in the hands of the user.

Bolt advertising can now be seen on at least 50 taxi vehicles. Those agreed with the Regional Transport Directorate. On the contrary, it is not permitted by law. In other words, no TVDE vehicle uncharacterized by displaying advertising.

“TaxisRam is once again keeping up with new technologies. The visibility of the Bolt sticker will be an asset for taxi drivers in the Region”, considered Paulo Pereira, certain that the prices applied will contribute to the entire regional economy. As for the controversy, “whoever wants to keep up with the new technologies does so, whoever doesn’t will be left behind”.

The entry of TVDE vehicles into the regional market was not consensual. So much so that the Regional Government felt the need to legislate on this matter, creating a contingent to do so. Uber as a result of this measure exited the regional market. Bolt stayed. “Our motto is to be one step ahead of what is being done”, guaranteed the president of TáxisRam, guaranteeing that in legal terms there is nothing that prevents this partnership.

Incidentally, on the legal issue, Nuno Inácio, country manager of ride-hailing at Bolt in Portugal, stressed that they did nothing without first being sure that it was framed by law. In the future, and in promotional terms, they want to highlight this success at the Lisbon Tourism Board.

From Diário Notícias