PAN defended, today, the creation of a regional plan to end the chaining of companion animals.

In a note sent to the newsroom, the party recognizes that news and cases of animal abuse are repeated day after day across the island,

“It’s not a rural or urban problem, it’s a civilizational problem the way animals are treated and that says a lot about the society in which we live. The PAN – People-Animals-Nature, considers that today animal protection and welfare already has a broad consensus in our society, that is, the recognition that animals are sensitive living beings and the need to provide specific measures of protection of these against ill-treatment inflicted by their holders or by third parties”, can be read in the same note.

In this sense, the PAN Madeira addressed the challenge to the parties represented in the Legislative Assembly of Madeira to address “the civilizational drama that is chaining, accommodation on balconies and similar spaces without sufficient area for their well-being and in unworthy spaces for companion animals, advocating the creation of a Regional Unchaining Plan”.

According to the PAN, despite the legislative changes that have taken place in terms of animal protection and welfare since 2001, the year in which the conditions for detention and accommodation of companion animals were established in a diploma. There are numerous complaints that exist  throughout the Autonomous Region of Madeira, where “hundreds, if not thousands of animals live condemned to a perpetual chain, many in deplorable conditions of hygiene, without shelter from extreme weather conditions, without fresh water and food available, or without regular walks”.

“This situation of ‘life imprisonment’ demonstrably has an impact on the behavior, temperament and health of the animal, as an animal is naturally a social being and being chained suppresses its natural instinct and movements. Since confinement to cramped spaces is inadmissible, we consider that chaining is inhumane, as a chain reduces the movement of dogs, it can become entangled or hooked at any point in the dog’s “prison” or other objects, further reducing its movement and causing potential injuries or even death by asphyxiation”, says the party.

The PAN Madeira intends that, in articulation with the Regional Government, with the Animal Protection Associations, “which they do a lot with so few resources”, and with the Police forces, this plan be created that goes against chaining or mooring, unless if it proves to be essential for the safety of people, the animal itself or other animals.

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In situations where there is no alternative, the animal’s tethering/chaining should be limited to the shortest possible period, not exceeding three hours a day. “And, of course, the animal’s needs for exercise, shelter, food, hygiene and leisure must always be safeguarded”, he adds.

With this proposal, PAN Madeira, challenges the other parties to join efforts to put an end to situations of manifest cruelty.

They also challenge the population to report all cases of animal abuse.

From Jornal Madeira