The Port of Funchal started this November, with three ships moored, “Emerald Princess”, “Silver Moon” and “Hebridean Sky”, in a month that seems to be the strongest this year, with 53 stopovers.

The first two arrived this morning, for stopovers of 10 and 17 hours, respectively. The third, “Hebridean Sky” has been in the Port of Funchal since the night of October 29, and is due to leave today, at 4:30 pm, for Tenerife, after carrying out a turnaround that involved 96 arrivals and 84 departures.

The “Emerald Princess” came from Vigo, with 2097 passengers and 1120 crew. She leaves at 17:00 for Tenerife.

The “Silver Moon” also arrived early in the morning, with 452 passengers and 401 crew. Coming from Lisbon, at 23:00, it sails to Lanzarote, after a 17-hour stopover in the Port of Funchal.

Tomorrow, the ship “Amera” will be at the Port of Funchal.

From Jornal Madeira

Not the best day for the passengers, but I’m sure they will make the most of their stay.