When Will Albuquerque and the Câmara of Santa Cruz Sort This Mess Out

A simple question, shdn wifh the statue of Cristo Rei be repaired….

Just over 20 months now since the thunderstorm in March 2021 damaged the statue, and it has since been closed off with an ugly metal fence.

One of the most visited and photographed areas on the island, this statue is still in a mess with no solution.

Thanks to Brian Griffiths for the photos and the comment below.

I know that you have raised this one before but isn’t it a shame that the Christ statue at Garajau appears to be getting totally neglected.
I know it’s an older concrete monument and I suspect that it will be reinforced with steel and the usual problem is that water gets in and the steel rusts and expands thus cracking the concrete but the statue has been fenced off with what seems to me to be nothing done for a long time.  Do you think it is in the “too hard to do tray” or as I suspect a cash issue.
Hundreds if not thousands of people a day visit this viewpoint in peak season to be met with an ugly tin sheet fence (and admittedly some excellent views each way).
The head is cracked and fingers are missing on one hand with cracks on the other.
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