The Public Security Police recovered the laptop stolen during the break-in on the premises of the Parish Council of Monte, in Largo da Fonte, on the 14th of November.

Idalina Silva, president of the Board, left a message on social networks to thank the PSP.

“The Parish Council of Monte publicly thanks the Public Security Police for the commitment that led to the return of the laptop, stolen during the robbery at its facilities, on the 14th of November”.

This news comes after the Regional Command of the Public Security Police of Madeira informed that, 2 male citizens, aged 27 and 32, born and residing in the Municipality of Funchal, were identified for the crime of theft in the interior of a vehicle and theft of commercial establishments.

The police steps were carried out by the Funchal Police Division after the occurrence of several thefts inside vehicles, which were perpetrated since last November 18th in the Hospital area, Rochinha and in Building 2000 – Funchal, totaling about 20 vehicles.

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