Preparations are finalized for the fireworks show that will welcome 2023, under the theme ‘Madeira 4.0 – from tradition to technological innovation’.

Almost all the fire-launch stations have already been placed and workers from the company Macedo’s Pirotecnia are at the sites carrying out checks. The stations that remain to be concluded refer to places where only today the assembly work could be carried out.

Over the course of eight minutes, in the sky over the bay of Funchal, it will be possible to watch a multicolored dance with 28 pyrotechnic frames, supported by 97,323 pyrotechnic pieces, 114,277 shots and 24 tons of explosive matter, in a global project budgeted at 1,099,080 euros (more VAT).

As we have already written, the line-up should surprise and delight Madeirans and visitors in the last 15 minutes of this year, as the company is preparing an innovative technological surprise, justified even by the theme chosen for this year, ‘Madeira 4.0 – from tradition to technological innovation’, starting at 45 minutes of the last hour of 2022. Something that the company already reveals is that, in areas with a larger audience, there will be music with a DJ, along with the synchronized alignment with the fireworks show. At Pier 8, giant towers will be set up with panels/video with light effects throughout the show, revealed Rui Macedo.

Continuing the figures for the fireworks show at the end of the year, Macedos Pirotecnia will have 29 stations set up in the Funchal amphitheater, 25 on the Sea Front and five stations at sea. In Porto Santo, there will be two posts, in Cais and Portela.

More than 400 people are involved in this process, of which 95 are pyrotechnicians (more than half Madeiran technicians). Included in the four hundred security guards, firefighters, hired PSP, sailors, catering, drivers, health professionals, light and sound technicians, secretariat and management.

From Jornal Madeira