German tourists rescued alive and unharmed in São Vicente

The two tourists of German nationality who were missing in the Ginjas area, in São Vicente, were rescued alive and unharmed, without the need for hospital treatment.

The two German tourists were successfully rescued and unharmed, after an adventure lasting more than 24 hours in the mountains and trails of the northern area.

The two men entered the Chão da Ribeira area around 9 am on Friday, spent the night in the mountains and this morning asked for help to return to the hotel. After the alert was launched, the tourists were found on a cliff near the footpath of Fajã do Rodrigues, in São Vicente, more than 200 meters high, in a place of difficult access.

It took a rescue team from the Madeiran Volunteer Firefighters to set up a vast relief and rescue operation to get the tourists out of the place, in an operation that lasted several hours.