Ponta do Sol was filled with light and color for the Party

This Wednesday, Christmas lights were lit in Ponta do Sol, a moment that served to mark the opening of ‘Vila Natal 2022’. The ‘inauguration’ was enlivened by a concert by the Madeira Chamber Choir, at Igreja Matriz da Vila and, at this moment, the Grupo de Cantares do Carvalhal is performing, at Avenida 1.º de Maio.

There are around 150,000 lights that transform Vila da Ponta do Sol into an authentic living nativity scene, inviting visitors, both locals and outsiders, to visit.

In the streets of the ‘down town’, the traditional Christmas effects reveal a bit of the history and traditions of the municipality and the Region, in an explosion of colors that brings more life to the nights of this season.

To improve the Christmas spirit, there are many traditional nativity scenes that can be enjoyed, a bet that the Municipality of Ponta do Sol has promoted in the last editions of Vila Natal.

The ‘Vila Natal’, which today ‘opened’ its doors, can be visited until the 7th of January.

From Diário Notícias

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