“Is Albuquerque afraid to show where it spent 110,000 euros?” asks JPP

“Is Albuquerque afraid to show where it spent 110 thousand euros?”. The issue was raised again by Élvio Sousa, this time in the political activity this morning, in the Legislative Assembly of Madeira, having stressed that “the deadline given by the Funchal Tax Administrative Court for Miguel Albuquerque to provide the expenses ended last Friday ”, 20 January.

For the JPP, the “non-compliance with the Court’s sentence makes it clear that Miguel Albuquerque is hiding something from the people of Madeira”, he said, “especially when he did not hesitate to spend 13 thousand euros a day from the public purse”.

JPP recalls that, in April, it sent a request for documentation to Quinta Vigia regarding expenses from Albuquerque to Miami, documentation that was received in a timely manner. “Is Albuquerque afraid to publicly show where he spent 110 thousand euros to Venezuela?”, Asked the parliamentary leader of the JPP, pointing out the duality of criteria.

Once again, for Élvio Sousa, it should be the “president of the Regional Government of Madeira himself who guarantees, in an ethical and conscientious sense, this transparency”, and transparency to the population”.

From Diário Notícias