Rain and wind in forecasts for New Year’s Eve in Madeira

The weather for the Madeira archipelago on the last day of 2022 will be characterized by the occurrence of rain or showers, more frequent from the afternoon onwards.

According to the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA).

The wind will be light to moderate (10 to 30 km/h) from the southwest, sometimes blowing strongly (30 to 45 km/h) in mountainous areas, temporarily with gusts of up to 75 km/h.

Temperatures, however, will remain mild, with a maximum of around 22 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 18.

The good news is the weather is looking much better than it was in the week, and fingers crossed we won’t see to much rain till the early hours of tomorrow.

From tomorrow the weather will feel a little colder, running through the first week of January, with the entry of a cold air mass, the mountain regions could well see negative values.