Funchal will present a solution to abusive parking “soon”

“The Municipality of Funchal (CMF) is studying a solution to put an end to abusive parking on sidewalks and on yellow lines, especially in two arteries of the city” – Rua 31 de Janeiro and Rua 5 de Outubro – announced today the mayor .

Pedro Calado, quoted in a press release, considers that there is a “lack of civility” on the part of some drivers.

“Every day, especially in the morning, at lunchtime and at the end of the day, between 5 pm and 6 pm, there are cars parked in the right lane, congesting traffic”, warned the mayor, stressing that “no matter how much we do to improve traffic in the city and the measures that are adopted, there must be more civility and compliance with the rules”.

The president of the CMF also recalled some of the actions that have been developed to regulate traffic, such as “improvement in the sensorisation of the waiting time at some traffic lights”.

“We are acting on a daily basis, we are improving, we have already asked the PSP to collaborate on the inspection part”, guaranteed Calado. However, he insists that “it’s a matter of civility.” “We can’t have a policeman on every corner supervising an infraction”, he maintains.

The mayor also warns that “there are more and more cars in circulation, there is more and more tourism and infractions of this nature cannot be accepted”, admitting that it is necessary “to move forward with other solutions that are currently being studied internally, and that will soon be announced”.

From Diário Notícias