The number of calls in 2022 could have been even better, were it not for the 17 cancellations, due to weather or sea conditions, according to a statement sent to the editorial office by the Administration of Ports of the Autonomous Region of Madeira (APRAM).

According to the document, passenger movement has not yet reached pre-pandemic numbers. But even so, last year, there were 417,730 passengers who passed through the Ports of Madeira, in addition to 226,987 crew members.

The president of the Board of Directors of APRAM considers that “these numbers exceeded the best expectations. We have a record year of stopovers, in 10 years, and it appears that the movement of passengers has gradually increased throughout the year, representing at the end only -30%, compared to 2019, the year with the most passengers since 2013.”

“Added to these results is the awarding of the Madeira award, best cruise destination in Europe, in addition to other fundamental steps achieved at a commercial level. Therefore, for this Port Administration, 2022 was very good” – highlighted Paula Cabaço.

The Port of Porto Santo achieved an unprecedented result in 2022: 21 stopovers, 3,867 passengers and 3,822 crew. Compared to 2019, there were 14 more stopovers and 716 passengers.

Paula Cabaço states that “the numbers recorded in Porto Santo, in scales and passengers, are very interesting and demonstrate the potential of the golden island in the niche of the so-called environmental paradises, now much sought after by expedition and theme ships. APRAM has been promoting the island of Porto Santo for some years and this administration, in the meetings it has held with the companies’ decision-makers, in the major international meetings of the cruise sector, has continued this work that it really intends to reinforce.”

In the ranking of companies that have made the most calls in Madeiran ports, AIDA Cruises continues to lead the table with 40 calls in 2022, followed by TUI Cruises, with 33, P&O – 29, Marella Cruises -25 and MSC – 17.

Madeira was visited, in 2022, by passengers from more than 160 countries or regions of the world.

The United Kingdom leads the list of the first five nationalities, with 174,839, followed by Germany, with 143,000; USA, 311 609; Italy, 11,266 and Brazil, with 6,959 passengers.

From Jornal Madeira