Brandy. This is the secret of the longevity of José Gouveia, who lives in the parish of Camacha and who today has reached one hundred years of age.

This  young man who has seven children and has lost count of the number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren, says that what he misses most is having a glass of brandy and walking in the mountains, as a shepherd. José Gouveia is the oldest pastor (shepherd) in the Region. He speaks every day, of his sheep. “Not a day goes by that my grandfather doesn’t remember the times when he was walking in the mountains, taking care of the sheep”, says one of his granddaughters.

Despite the illnesses he suffers from, José Gouveia says that what he wants most, now that he is a centenary, is to enjoy good days of joy with his 79-year-old wife and all the family and friends around him. It is with them that he feels worth living. Today, there’s a hard party at Ka Te Quero.

From Jornal Madeira

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