New Year Fireworks – Do We Need A Change?

A lot of criticism on social media for the Fireworks this year, and I agree to many of the comments.

Same company every year, nothing changes, the worst for a good few years, to much smoke (cheap fireworks lead to this), nothing new or special.

Let me know in the poll below if you think we need a change to stay ahead or other countries.

You can leave your own comment also.

Tourists flock to the island year after year, and it’s becoming a bit or a repeat show now. If it’s your first time then you are going to love them.

This year the low cloud and fog didn’t help, and that we can’t do anything about. But I do believe we need a change, a new company and something different.

London is now one of the best firework shows throughout Europe, and well desvered to, I though the show and display was totally outstanding.

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