“It is reprehensible and, at the very least, scandalous that the former president of the Regional Government shamelessly mocks the Madeirans, after the Executives he led created a hidden debt of more than 6 billion euros, much of it in works useless”.

This is how the parliamentary leader of the PS-Madeira reacts to the challenge launched to Madeirans by Alberto João Jardim (Former President) so that they can point out a work of his that has not been useful to the population, this was posted by himself on his Twitter this week.

People soon to to social media to point out one after the other white elephants on the island, obviously Lugar de Baixo Marina was top of the list, which Albert João tried to defend himself in a second tweet with excuses. Also in the comments locals report the continuation of white elephants from Albuquerque.

For Rui Caetano, the former President of the Government can only be resorting to sarcasm, since in Madeira and Porto Santo infrastructures are multiplying that cost taxpayers millions and millions of euros, many of which did not even have any use.

The leader of the socialist parliamentary bench even challenges Alberto João Jardim to “take a guided tour of the white elephants that swarm all over the Region” and which are the reflection of a harmful management for the interests of the Region.

 “I challenge the former President of the Government to explain to the Madeirans what was the use of the Marina in Lugar de Baixo”, begins by pointing out Rui Caetano, referring that this failed project costing the regional coffers more than 100 million euros and completely destroyed the coast of that locality.

In the ‘guided tour’, the socialists challenge Jardim to travel to Porto Santo, where the Regional Government spent 45 million euros on the microalgae project, only to later give it up and pass it on to private hands. This without the project having ever worked for its intended use, that is, the production of biofuel from marine microalgae.

Rui Caetano also advises Jardim and those who took part in his governance to cross the street and visit Penedo do Sono, which has already cost the public purse more than 8 million euros. The infrastructure, recalls the PS, was built in 2003, was concessioned in 2017 to the Pestana group and, after two years, it returned to the public sphere, being completely abandoned. “And what about the derelict beach sports stadium, which cost 2 million euros and which is separated from Penedo do Sono by an impassable kart track?”, the socialists also question.

The parliamentary leader of the PS also challenges the ex-governor to fly by helicopter to Porto Moniz, but recommends that he look for a place to land, as the heliport, which cost almost one million euros, was only used on the day of the inauguration and is not prepared for the landing of the current rescue helicopter – the Merlin EH101, as it is to small. (this one made me laugh

These are, according to Rui Caetano, just some of the failed investments by successive regional governments, many of them in charge of bankrupt Development Societies, not to mention the slippage of millions of euros in several other projects.

The fly farm in Camacha is another example, and the whole area is just abandoned. 

“Alberto João Jardim should have respect for Madeirans and should, first of all, apologize to them for the economic and financial damage caused”, concludes the socialist leader.