The MSC Cruises cruise ship MSC Virtuosa, which debuted on May 6 last year in the port of Funchal, returned today, this time to receive the special certificate of Ambassador of Madeira., which was not able to happen due to the pandemic on its first visit. 

The ceremony will be attended by the captain of the ship and also by Eduardo Cabrita, general manager of MSC Cruises.

The steamer, which has already docked twice in Madeira, – in May and June 2022 – came from Lisbon, and will remain in Madeira until 5 pm today, when it will head to A Coruña, leaving behind a stopover of approximately ten hours. .

Belonging to the ‘Meraviglia’ class of ships, this ship, MSC Grandiosa’s twin and which reaches a maximum speed of 22.2 knots, is 331 meters long, 65 meters high and has a maximum capacity for 6,334 passengers and 1,704 crew. That is, it allows 8,038 people on board.

In terms of gross tonnage, the ship, flying the Maltese flag, weighs 181,541 tons.

Built in the Chantiers de l’Atlantique shipyards, MSC Virtuosa was delivered to MSC in February 2021.

It began sailing the following May, setting sail on its maiden voyage from Southampton on May 20, 2021.

Eco ship

MSC Virtuosa is currently one of the most environmentally friendly ships sailing in national and international waters, largely due to the most advanced technologies it possesses, which allow for a 98% reduction in sulfur oxide emissions and 90% of carbon dioxide emissions. nitrogen oxide.

Floating Mall’

Among its main attractions and features, offers a generous area of ​​shops and brands, establishing itself as an authentic ‘floating mall’. There are, in all, 1,168 square meters of retail space, which exceeds the MSC Grandiosa record.

MSC Virtuosa thus features the largest shopping area at sea on any cruise ship, with 11 stores and more than 250 brands.

There are also 10 restaurants, 21 bars (5 outside and 16 inside), as well as 5 swimming pools, whose ‘Atmosphere Pool’ area covers a total of 1,700 m2.

It should be added, as a curiosity, that the ship represents a symbolic tribute to the architects of MSC and the partners of the shipyard where it was built.

From Jornal Madeira