Bica da Cana recorded the lowest temperature this autumn/winter

Extreme minimum air temperature dropped to -2.6ºC this morning. 

For 11 consecutive days, Pico do Areeiro has been registering negative air temperatures, a condition that yesterday and today is also felt at lower levels, as is the case of Bica da Cana – in Paul da Serra – which this morning reached the record minimum temperature of this year.

Autumn/Winter in the Region, registering -2.6 ºC (06:50). Negative was also the minimum temperature recorded this Friday, February 3 (until 08:00), in Chão do Areeiro, which for the first time saw the mercury drop below zero (-0.1 ºC).

With no record of precipitation, which immediately rules out the possibility of snowfall, this Friday is already the coldest day of the season in the mountainous regions of Madeira.

If at the top of the island the cold is freezing, at intermediate heights and even along the coast (north coast) the night was also ‘very chilly’, with temperatures below double digits in several locations. Here are the most significant lows registered today (until 08:00) in inhabited places: 6.1 ºC, in Santo da Serra; 7.7 ºC, in Prazeres; 8.2 ºC, in Quinta Grande; 8.3 ºC, in São Vicente; 9.7 ºC, on Mt.

The highest lows tonight, 14.3 ºC, were recorded in Santa Cruz/Aeroporto and Porto Moniz.

From Diário Notícias