The CDU criticized, today, the obligation to pay for car parks, especially in the center of the parish of Santa Cruz and in the Caniço de Baixo area, next to the coast, guaranteeing that this is a situation that is generating discontent among the population.

This was highlighted this morning by Duarte Martins, CDU leader, during a contact action with the population of Santa Cruz, in which he regretted this decision by the municipal executive.

“We live at a time when we have an inflation of around 8.1% in the Country and in the Region, at a time when the price of basic necessities increases every day, in a moment of deep crisis, and we see that on the part of this executive JPP councilor there is still a “gift” which is paying for car parks in Caniço and in the center of Santa Cruz, harming Workers and People”, deplored the official.

According to the CDU, the value of the parking meter is around €0.40 per hour, so “a worker who needs to park his car 8 hours a day to be able to work 22 days a month will pay a value of more than €70 , that is, more expensive than a monthly fee in the parking lot of Hospital Nélio Mendonça”.

( also the fact that you can only pay for a max of 5 hours, so if you work in a hotel doing 8 hours, you need to think about going back to the car to put another ticket, this could be in the middle of lunchtime, and if you forget then its a 30 euro fine on top) 

“Even more help, existing transport in the municipality of Santa Cruz does not respond to people’s needs, neither in Santa Cruz nor in Caniço, where there are areas where there are only three or four routes a day, causing people to if they go to work they have to use their own car”, he also pointed out.

This is how Duarte Martins concludes that the executive of the JPP, instead of “Juntos Pelo Povo”, is after all “together for the exploitation and impoverishment of the people”.

“They said they were different, but in the end they are arm in arm with the usual ones. If there is a lack of parking, if the parking lots are always full and there are not enough of them, the solution is to create more parking lots and not to pay for the existing parks, because the underlying problem is one of urban planning”, he also said, advocating that the population “cannot be a victim of the bad policies of the JPP and its predecessors”.

“It is necessary to analyze the hypotheses and take into account that the municipalities are the closest body of power, which should defend and present solutions and not to defend the big businessmen and the high employers, for that there are already other instances that the JPP well know…”, he concluded.

From Jornal Madeira