Fisherman amputated fingers trying to pull fish in Porto Moniz

Another crew member on the vessel suffered a serious fall shortly after.

A man was left without some fingers of one hand, Saturday afternoon, while he was fishing off Porto Moniz. An unlucky day that ended with the fall of another crew member from the pier into the vessel.

As the DIÁRIO found out, upon verifying that a fish was stuck on the hook, the man tried to pull the line, but ended up with some fingers amputated as it was a large fish.

The victim was transported to the Porto Moniz pier and rescued by the Mixed Firefighters of São Vicente and Porto Moniz and by the Rapid Intervention Medical Team (EMIR).

But the bad luck didn’t stop there. The other crew member, already on land, ended up falling from the pier into the vessel and as he had a suspected fracture in his leg, he also had to be rescued by the same corporation. The victims were transported to the emergency room in Porto Moniz and later to Hospital Dr. Nelio Mendonca.

From Diário Notícias

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