Munchies Bar….

Many of you know, and many of you probably don’t, but myself and Nelio took over Munchies Bar/Restaurant at the beginning of February. It was a lot of work for Nelio’s sister Elsa, especially with the two children.

We closed for a few days stocked up, brought some new equipment, and opened on February 1st.

Its been a good month, but a lot of work and have made a few changes.

Plate of the day (Prato do Dia) is €7.50 including a drink and coffee, below is this week’s menu.

Here are some of our everyday specials also.

We have also made a few changes, outside. New cushions, and on one of the side blinds we have a photo from Fanal.  I think we would like to put something on the other side also eventually, as these blinds we don’t need to roll up. Maybe a nice photo of Caniço de Baixo by drone, or a nice sunset photo.

Also some new plants and fresh flowers on the tables inside.

We have loyalty cards for coffee and plate of the day lunch, buy 8 and get your 9th free.

New tee shirts also. ?

We are open 6 days a week, 9am to 11pm, closed on Sundays.

Saturdays we do a special menu, last week was lamb cutlets with sides for 15.00 euros, this week will do Beef steak with chips, mushrooms and peas for 12.50 euros. So keep an eye on our Facebook page Munchies Bar Caniço de Baixo, or on Instagram munchiesbarmadeira. Please please follow us… ???

The blackboard inside with the menu is still there which everyone loves.

So hope to see more of you soon. ???

I am there most of the time, sometimes I’m out doing shopping, but I’m never to far away. ? ? ?