Rain reached yellow warning level overnight

Although only from midday tomorrow, Friday, the south coast and mountainous regions of the island of Madeira will be under a yellow warning for precipitation, due to the forecast of showers that can be strong at times and accompanied by thunderstorms, today, at dawn, there was significant rain that reached the value corresponding to the yellow warning criterion (12.6 mm/1h). This was seen in the extreme west of Madeira, more specifically at the meteorological station of Achadas da Cruz/Lombo da Terça.

It is the first record of precipitation in the amount of yellow warning that occurs in February, and the fourth value this year (3 yellow warning, 1 orange warning) in the entire IPMA network of automatic meteorological stations in the Madeira Archipelago ( 19 in Madeira, 1 in Porto Santo).

The other two ‘in yellow’ records occurred on the first day of the year – January 1st -, in Santana (18.8 mm/1h) and Bica da Cana (10.0 mm/1h). In Santana that New Year’s morning, even more significant was the rain reaching 40.7 mm/6h, a value already included in the orange warning for the 6-hour interval.

Negative temperatures for 17 consecutive days at Pico do Areeiro…

Regarding extreme values ​​of air temperature, the minimum temperature recorded this morning in Pico do Areeiro was -0.5 ºC. There are already 17 consecutive days – since the 24th of January – with negative temperatures being recorded daily at the highest meteorological station in Madeira.

… and it’s already been 14 days with the possibility of snowfall

This Thursday is also the 14th consecutive day that the possibility of snowfall in the highest points of the island of Madeira is included in the daily forecast. For the next few days, the possibility of snowfall in Madeira should only be interrupted on Sunday, the 12th. If so, there will be 16 consecutive days also marked by the possibility of snowfall, although this, and in a small amount, only occurred on the last Sunday of January the 29th.

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