Traffic jam next to the Anjos waterfall on a forbidden road

The municipality of Ponta do Sol decided to place, on the 8th of this month, concrete barriers on the side of the road where the Anjos waterfall is located to avoid accidents in the area. If, on the one hand, it offered protection to visitors, on the other hand, it increased traffic congestion, on a road with a prohibited traffic sign.

Tourists and locals continue to travel to the place to get the best photo and enjoy the natural beauty of the waterfall, parking the car on the side of the road, making car traffic difficult. The video that DIÁRIO had access to shows the complexity of passing two cars at the same time, yesterday afternoon, both because of the vehicles parked on the side of the road and because of the number of people who were there.

According to a witness, the concrete blocks “worse the situation”, even though there is a prohibited traffic sign that has been ignored. As already reported by the DIÁRIO, some park their cars inside the tunnel, which is still an infraction.

As advanced in the print edition of the 9th of February , this solution by the Ponta do Sol City Council was not welcomed by tourists and residents, as it “mischaracterises” the place.

Faced with this temporary solution, the mayor Célia Pessegueiro asked the Regional Government (GR) for a technical solution to guarantee greater security for visitors. On the other hand, the regional secretary for Equipment and Infrastructure, Pedro Fino, asked that the municipality be the one to present a project and that, subsequently, the GR would advance with the financial aid.

From Diário Notícias