PS questions “delay” in Albuquerque’s responses to the commission of inquiry

“Whoever has nothing to hide should have answered already”. This is how the president of the PS-Madeira reacts to Miguel Albuquerque’s delay in responding to the questions addressed to him within the scope of the commission of inquiry into invented works and favors by the Executive to economic groups in the Region.

Sérgio Gonçalves, at a press conference held this morning, gave a retrospective of this entire process, from the statements by former deputy Sérgio Marques to Diário de Notícias in Lisbon, on 15 January. Also to the constitution of the commission of inquiry requested by the PS, which had its first meeting on the 9th of February and which, meanwhile, has already heard from businessmen Luís Miguel de Sousa and Avelino Farinha.

On the occasion, the socialist leader was keen to point out that Miguel Albuquerque refused to answer the commission in person, which is why the PS addressed a set of questions on February 24th. “The deadline ends this week and we still haven’t received any responses. Those who have nothing to hide, those who fear nothing, should, in our opinion, have already responded ”, he said.

“Given that the businessmen promptly made themselves available and came here, it seems to us that it has taken an excessive amount of time to get the answers from the President of the Government, and we are waiting for those same answers, as well as for Sérgio Marques to be heard”, he added.

Sérgio Gonçalves considers it essential to hear the former PSD deputy, taking into account the denunciations of “invented”, “useless” and “fictitious” works, the accusations of favoritism by the Regional Government to economic groups and the transfer of Miguel Albuquerque to pressures that led to the removal of Sérgio Marques and Eduardo Jesus.

From Diário Notícias