The entrance ticket to Quinta Magnólia cost 20 escudos in 1954. This, among many other peculiarities of the island, appears in the new book by Cláudia Ferreira Faria, based on the diary of Francis Roper, descendant of the Phelps family, about a trip he took to Madeira, between September and October 1954.

‘Madeira 1954 by FA Roper’, edited in English, presented this afternoon at Quinta Magnólia, by Edward Kassab, includes a facsimile of the original pages that allowed the author to go back in time following the traveler’s footsteps.

Eduardo Jesus thanked Cláudia Ferreira Faria for yet another contribution she made to Madeiran culture and underlined the role of travel guides which, he said, constituted important moments in our history to characterize this land from various points of view, some more enriched by the fact that carried out by people who visited us (hence a closer reading and the ability to compare with another territory)”

“It has an extraordinary value when someone had time, and enjoyed that time (in a different way than ours), and that made these unique specimens constitute small treasures, which, reaching the present day, free us for an endless set of interpretations . Cláudia did hers here following the remarkable work she has done on the Phelps family”, said the official.

From Jornal Madeira

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