Gasoline goes up and diesel goes down

The joint order n.º 35/2023 of the regional secretariats of Economy and Finance, published this Thursday, makes known the maximum prices of sale of fuels to the public for the next week.

Thus, as of 00:00 on April 10, 2023, the following maximum public sale prices are:

Super Unleaded Gasoline IO 95  – € 1,625 per liter

Road diesel  –  € 1,354 per liter

Colored and marked gas oil  – € 1,011 per liter

The figures shown show an increase in 95-octane gasoline, whose price this week is €1,600. As for road diesel, it drops from €1,367 to €1,354 per litre. Colored and Marked Gasoil also suffers a slight increase, now costing €1,022.