Congestion at tourist spots “is a good problem”

The flow of tourists to the main tourist attractions in Madeira and which creates serious constraints on traffic and tourist access “is a good problem, the problem was not having tourists”, in the opinion of the President of the Regional Government.

The official defended a better co-management of public spaces and a more fruitful dialogue with tourist agents in order to alleviate peaks in affluence, in addition to believing that the greater offer that his government is creating will allow relief in these constraints. (didn’t he say thay months ago???) (and when has Madeira not had tourists???) 

“We have to understand each other and it’s not worth making dramas in the Portuguese way because everything can be resolved”, he declared, responding as follows to the questions of journalists: “Do you want me to close access to Pico do Areeiro?”

From Diário Notícias