Lígia Gonçalves will receive the Young Entrepreneur Award – WalkMe Madeira

Entrepreneur Lígia Gonçalves will receive the Young Entrepreneur Award during the Madeira Entrepreneur Day commemorative dinner, which will take place at The Views Bahia Hotel, tomorrow, May 19th. The young woman has a master’s degree in computer engineering, from the University of Madeira, and since 2013 she has worked at WalkMe Mobile Solutions, Lda., as co-founder, CEO and project manager.

She was one of those responsible for creating the WALKME | LEVADAS, in 2012, this application being the most used by locals and tourists on the Island.

The WalkMe App us one of the first I featured in my blog, and is the best app for Levada information and ease of use.

Lígia has sent me this message about the future planes for the app.

Regarding the news of the app WalkMe for the Levadas… Well, we updated the app along the years with some improvements, not only technical improvements but also for a better user experience.
This week we launched a new update with better offline maps and some improvements of user interface in the details of the walks.
We also keep walking and updating the information whenever we have news about the walks.
In the future, we’re planning to add more walks, maybe integrate the Caminhos Reais and the Grande Rota which is a route to walk Madeira Island side to side. These are very different paths and are for people who look specifically for this kind of walks, so we have to plan carefully to integrate in a way that the Levadas keep being the stars!
In the meantime, as a company, we develop mobile games such as Quiz games of general knowledge and this is our core at the moment. Of course we never quit from WalkMe because it was our first app and we love to walk on the Island!