Police detain 7 drug trafficking suspects and seize 10 luxury cars in Funchal

The Judiciary Police (PJ), in collaboration with the Regional Command of Madeira of the PSP and the Territorial Command of Madeira of the GNR, carried out a police operation that resulted in seven arrests and 20 searches in different areas of the city of Funchal.

Four men, aged between 26 and 56, were arrested for alleged involvement in the crime of drug trafficking, pursuant to warrants issued by the Public Ministry – DIAP of Funchal. During the operation, 10 luxury vehicles were seized, “valued at around 1,565,000 euros, as well as an amount of 66,540 euros in cash and other relevant evidence”.

In addition, during the searches, three other men were detained, aged between 22 and 42 years, for possession of a prohibited weapon and possession of narcotic substances.

According to the information provided by the authorities, this operation is the result of investigations that began in 2021 and are related to the activities of “an organized group dedicated to the acquisition, introduction and distribution of large quantities of synthetic drugs”.

It is important to highlight that the Judiciary Police and the PSP had already seized significant amounts of synthetic drugs in previous police actions, totaling approximately 22 kg. “Twelve people were detained on different occasions and are subject to precautionary measures, including preventive detention (4) and the obligation to stay in their homes (2), while other measures were applied to the remaining detainees”, the statement reads.

The suspects will be presented to the competent judicial authorities for the possible application of appropriate precautionary measures.

From Diário Notícias

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