Ronaldo’s brother accused of shirt fraud

Hugo dos Santos Aveiro, Cristiano Ronaldo’s older brother, was formally accused of fraud by the Italian Public Prosecutor’s Office in the case of allegedly counterfeit Juventus jerseys.

According to information from the newspaper ‘Corriere dello Sport’, the investigation, which began in 2019, reached a conclusion with the formal accusation against Hugo, who will now face legal proceedings for counterfeiting more than 13,000 black and white Juventus jerseys, with the name and number of CR7.

A hearing was scheduled for the 20th of June, with the aim of determining whether there was fraud against the company ‘Pegasso’, with which Cristiano Ronaldo had an agreement for the online sale of sportswear featuring Juve jerseys.

The counterfeit jerseys drew the attention of authorities due to the presence of the ‘CR7 Museum’ logo, a detail absent from the original jerseys produced by Adidas. It should be noted that the CR7 Museum, in Funchal, is managed by his brother Hugo Aveiro.

Now, the court case will determine whether the allegations of counterfeit jerseys are substantiated and what the outcome of this situation will be.

From Diário Notícias