The Price Is Right – Madeira Edition

The Price is Right in Madeira costs us 360,000 euros.

If you have been about on the island, you may have seen filming of The Price is Right, doing some promotional videos for the edition that will be on RTP 1 tomorrow evening from 9pm.

Its one of the most popular and most watched TV shows in Portugal with the chubby jolly presenter, Fernando Mendes, Who Will show some of Madeira to his viewers.

294,875.00 euros, plus VAT at the legal rate in force, is the ‘The Price is Right ‘ for carrying out the program in Madeiran territory. The Regional Government, through the Regional Secretariat for Agriculture and Rural Development (SRA), channeled the aforementioned amount so that Funchal could be the stage for a special broadcast of the competition, produced by Fremantlemedia Portugal, which will be broadcast live, this Saturday, on RTP1 and RTP Internacional, from 21:00 to 23:45, from Madeira Tecnopolo.

The contract, by direct agreement, consulted by JM, was signed between SRA and Fremantlemedia Portugal, on May 25, with a view to the ‘Provision of Television Production Services relating to the television show ‘The  Price is Right in Madeira’, being the decision justified with “the absence of own resources”.

The fact is that the arrival of the program to the Region has generated a lot of attention, especially in this last week, in which the presenter Fernando Mendes has been traveling the island recording in photographs, shared on his social networks, some of the places he has visited in the context of filming the broadcast Special.

The ‘lucky ones’ – 1,500 people from various parts of the island – who managed to guarantee their presence at the event will have the opportunity to experience the dynamics of the television show, which accounts for more than 4 thousand broadcasts, 500 thousand competitors and thousands of awarded prizes.

It should be remembered that the animation of the program will feature a lot of local talent, with emphasis on the performances of Vânia Fernandes, who will be accompanied by Miguel Albuquerque, President of the Regional Government. Márcio Amaro, Roni de Melo and the Ponta do Sol Folklore Group complete the range of guest artists who promise to enliven the evening.

What is certain is that Fernando Mendes, who in an interview recently given to JM showed himself surrendered to the affection of Madeirans, will have a ‘full house’ at Madeira Tecnopolo for an almost three-hour broadcast that will take Madeira to the homes of all Portuguese people.