Óscar Depression was a good test of the investment in the riversides

But was it?

Albuquerque visited the investment of 20 million euros in the requalification of the stretch of river in Ribeira Grande, in Santo António.

The President of the Regional Government reinforces that the recent episode of extreme precipitation registered in the Region and in particular in the mountains of Funchal proved to be a good test of the investments made in the streams.

My opinion.

Under the circumstances, the defences of the rivers did a good job of containing the rain water from the Óscar depression, but we have to know that we had weeks if not months of dry weather before, so most of this water could soak into the ground.

February 20th 2010 was much different, we had weeks of wet weather before, and the ground was totally saturated, so the rain water had no where else to go, if this had been the case for the Oscar depression, would the rivers have done there job?