Contrary to the most tragic outcomes, today, in Porto Santo, the Rapid Intervention Medical Team (EMIR), and other rescue workers, witnessed a moment that culminated in a happy ending and, thus, with yet another saving of a human life . The cooperation between SEMER, Air Force and SESARAM was decisive.

This story takes on special relevance because it is about a premature baby, 28 weeks old, who was born today at the Porto Santo Health Centre.

The baby, who was in the health unit on the golden island, needed urgent transport to Madeira. His life depended on it.

As Jornal Madeira (JM) reported today, the normal operation at Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport was almost completely conditioned, due to the wind.

Still, faced with a life or death situation, that’s what it was all about, and even outside the wind limits, the baby was sent to Madeira, as an emergency.

It was a delicate operation, but also thanks to the perfect articulation between SEMER and SESARAM, it was possible to carry out the transport and save a life that has only just begun.

As JM found out, a neonatology team and an incubator were deployed, which, at the airport, were waiting for the baby’s arrival. In Madeira, the baby was sent to a designated health unit and, JM knows, is stable.

It is a story of hope and happiness that, naturally, moved all the relief teams that were committed to this mission, namely EMIR and FAP’s 751 squadron.

From Jornal Madeira