Bolo do Caco elected one of the best breads in the world

The Madeiran delicacy appears in 22nd position among the 100 best around the globe.

Bolo do Caco is among the best breads in the world. The election was made by Taste Atlas, a well-known gastronomic travel guide that during the month of September chose the 100 best breads worldwide.

In the assessment made by the guide, with ratings from 0 to 5, Bolo do Caco appears in 22nd position, with a score of 4.5. Along with the Madeiran delicacy, the list also includes another Portuguese bread, Broa de Milho, which appears in 21st position, on equal terms with the typical bread produced on the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo.

On the platform, the guide highlights that Bolo do Caco “is the common bread in Madeira and is usually served as a hot appetizer with garlic butter, but can also be enjoyed as a sandwich or as an accompaniment to various traditional Portuguese dishes”, you can read the description.

In the classification that concerns only European breads, Broa de Milho and Bolo do Caco appear in ninth and tenth position, respectively.

Worldwide, at the top of the table is Roti Cani, originally from Malaysia. In second comes Pan de Bono, originally from Colombia, and closing the podium is Butter Garlic Naan, from India.

From Diário Notícias


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