Strong wind complicates life for passengers and has already caused several flights to divert

The early evening the wind and strong gusts, which were not predicted by IPMA for today, made life difficult for those who want to travel from, and those who want to get to Madeira. This is because there are at least four flights already diverted from Madeira Airport, where others are still trying to land, adding others that have postponed their departure at origin.

According to the ANAM – Aeroportos da Madeira portal, there are at least 4 different flights so far, two of which are to Porto Santo and two to the Canary Islands.

At the moment, the strength of the wind is effectively affecting Madeira Airport, although it allows for some landings (the last of which is at 6:39 pm), given that there are more than 25 flights planned until the end of the day.

Now at 10. 30 pm flights are still trying to land including an easyjet flight that was earlier diverted to Tenerife, and has returned to try and land. The easyJet Gatwick flight is also arriving after a 4hour delay due to staff shortages.

In Porto Santo, we have seen a few flights come in over the last hours.

Hope these flights manage to land, or it could be a case of return to the UK for some.

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