Man arrested in Funchal with drugs and stolen material

A 41-year-old individual was arrested by the Public Security Police, in Funchal, for drug trafficking and receiving.

Following a house search, carried out in a neighborhood next to the hospital, the PSP managed to seize 3.66 grams of leaves of a narcotic plant called ‘liamba’, 128 individual doses of a psychoactive substance called ‘alpha PHP’, 3 doses of ‘cannabis’, 27 doses of ‘ecstasy’ and other materials associated with the practice.

According to a statement issued, 1 drone and 1 laptop that had been stolen from homes in Funchal were also seized, as well as about 6,500 euros in cash, from this activity.

“It should also be added that this suspect is a repeat offender in this type of crime, this being his second arrest under the same investigation process, and he is still being tried for another criminal case in which he was involved in the past, for the same practice” .

The citizen in question was present at the Judicial Court of the District of Funchal and the measure of Identity and Residence Term was applied to him.

From Diário Notícias