Morocco Earthquake Felt in Portugal

Madeiran family on vacation in the country is doing well.

Hotel infrastructures will have resisted the 6.9 magnitude shock that hit Morocco on Friday night

Fear gripped Morocco. On Friday night, at 11:11 pm, the country was shaken by an earthquake measuring 6.9 on the Richter scale, which left a strong trail of destruction in less developed areas, with more than 630 fatalities.

To DIÁRIO, Abdellah Moumoud, a tourist guide in Marrakesh, reports that at the moment the climate is one of “fear”, despite, “in general”, “everything is calm” for now.

There is at least one Madeiran family on vacation in Marrakech. DIÁRIO knows that the members are fine, despite the scare. 

The airline Binter once again connected the island of Madeira and Morocco this summer. The operation between Madeira International Airport and Marrakesh Menara Airport took place between July 2nd and September 3rd, with two weekly flights. 

Magnitude 6.9 earthquake felt in Portugal

The earthquake measuring 6.9 on the Richter scale that shook the center of Morocco was felt in several regions of Portugal, the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) confirmed today.

In a statement, IPMA said that the earthquake was felt with maximum intensity III/IV, on the modified Mercalli scale, in the municipalities of Castro Marim, Faro, Loulé, Portimão, Vila Real de Santo António (Faro), Cascais, Lisbon, Torres Vedras, Vila Franca de Xira (Lisbon), Almada, Setúbal and Sines (Setúbal).

The earthquake occurred at a depth of 18.5 kilometers at 11:11 pm local time (same time in Lisbon).

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