Ship ‘Costa Firenze’ debuts in the Port of Funchal with 4,974 people on board

The ‘Costa Firenze’ debuted this morning in the Port of Funchal, as part of a 14-night cruise that the ship is undertaking, with 3,697 passengers and 1,277 crew on board.

“Coming from Tenerife, the ship stays in Madeira for 10 hours. It departs at around 6pm, bound for Lisbon”, reveals APRAM – Administration of Ports of the Autonomous Region of Madeira. 

This morning, the ship’s commander, the Italian Ezio Di Nunzio, received a group of entities – including the member of APRAM’s Board of Directors, Isabel Figueiroa – for the usual plaque exchange ceremony, marking this ship’s first call in Porto from Funchal.

The ‘Costa Firense’ returns to the Port of Funchal in the coming months, with the ship’s second call scheduled for October 20th.

From Diário Notícias