Judiciary Police arrested man for attempted murder and urban fire

The Judiciary Police, through the Madeira Criminal Investigation Department, arrested a 40-year-old man on suspicion of attempted homicide, involving a man and a woman, aged 26 and 18, respectively. and a crime of urban fire.

The case occurred on November 12th. As reported by DIÁRIO, the fire occurred during the afternoon, in a vacant house, located on Rua do Pombal, in Funchal. 

The PJ’s statement states that the presumed perpetrator, for “futile reasons”, had, using a direct flame, “set fire to several rooms in that house, having previously closed the space where the victims were, in order to make it difficult to their departure from that location”.

The rapid intervention of the firefighters prevented the fire from spreading to other adjacent residential buildings, allowing the victims to be rescued in a timely manner and immediately transported to the Central Hospital of Funchal, where they received adequate treatment for smoke inhalation.

The detainee will be brought before the competent judicial authorities, for the application of coercive measures deemed appropriate.