‘Horários do Funchal’ adopts measures to avoid constraints at its branches

You now have until March 1st to get the necessary pass.

Given the great demand recorded throughout today at the ‘Horários do Funchal’ counters, especially by Madeirans over 65 years of age, who were looking to take out the new free pass (Passe Social +65), which comes into force on From January 1st, the public transport company that operates in the city of Funchal was forced to take contingency measures, to avoid the confusion that was dominant today, near its three branches.

In this sense, the company decided to “adopt extraordinary measures, taking into account the high flow of customers, mainly to create and upload the new free pass”.

This set of measures includes “authorizing all users of its public transport service, aged 65 or over, from 01/01/2024, to board, simply by presenting their Citizen Card or Ticket to the driver of Identity”.

Furthermore, in a statement, the company made it known that “specific dates for issuing and charging the Social Pass +65” had been stipulated. Therefore, from the 8th to the 21st of January, customers aged between 65 and 74 years old can purchase or top up the pass; Between the 5th and 18th of February it will be the turn of customers aged 75 or over to undergo the same procedure. 

As highlighted by ‘Horários do Funchal’, boarding with the presentation of the citizen card or identity card, by people over 65 years old, is only valid until March 1st, the date from which it will be necessary to present the corresponding pass.

From Diário Notícias