More expensive chocolate riding high on cocoa but Easter is safe

Chocolates will become more expensive in the near future, impacted by the value of cocoa, but the difference should not yet be felt this Easter, with Portuguese companies ensuring that they are bearing part of the increases.

“The price of chocolate will inevitably have to increase as the main raw material has seen an exponential increase in recent times. It is impossible for cocoa producers to absorb the increase”, said Pedro Araújo, master chocolate maker and director of the Vinte Vinte brand, in response to Lusa.

The price of cocoa on international markets has soared 150% since the beginning of the year and reached $10,000 per ton for the first time, but may not have reached its peak yet.

This increase, which will be felt in all products that have cocoa as their main ingredient, should not be felt at Easter, as the chocolate “was still made with cocoa in stock”, purchased at lower prices.

Easter will be a period of some apprehension for companies that produce chocolate, as consumers will also be affected by market uncertainty.

Pedro Araújo predicts that prices will “start to rise in the summer”, although he emphasizes that the main increase should be felt in the autumn, “when the large consumption of chocolate begins”.

Vinte Vinte also recalled that, for decades, the price of cocoa traded on the stock exchange has remained “very stable”, while the price of chocolate for consumers has grown.

“In reality, cocoa has remained abnormally low, causing serious problems in the distribution of value throughout the chain. The last time the price of cocoa reached such high values ​​was during the oil shock of the 1970s”, noted the company from Vila Nova de Gaia.

From Diário Notícias