Weather conditions suspend search for missing couple in São Vicente

I thought the Authoritues has already stopped searches over the weekend. I know of others that have been helping with the searches with drones, and I might hear more from them, but the weather is only going to get worse for the rest of this week. 

From Jornal Madeira Below

The search for the couple who disappeared in São Vicente has been suspended since yesterday.

Speaking to the media, João Góis, commissioner of the PSP, said that the weather conditions are currently affecting the operation and are therefore suspended for now.

“We are working on information and depending on new data we will decide whether we will resume operations”, he said.

In the event that the searches resume, the commissioner admitted the possibility of increasing the search perimeter. “The shorter perimeter zone has been searched more than once,” he added.

Even so, João Góis recognizes that there is a possibility of not resuming the searches if there is no more concrete evidence.