Madeira Guide for Photographers and Travellers

Olá!  Karol and Maria here,

We are travel photographers, who once came to Madeira island for a short trip and stayed here for almost two years, every day falling in love with this stunning island!

By now we’ve already helped thousands of people planning their trips to Madeira island with our blog articles and youtube channel ‘Picture the World’, where we share information and useful tips about the island of eternal spring.

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Before our first visit to Madeira, we found ourselves immersed in a sea of information, trying to find the best places to explore on this beautiful Portuguese island. During our two-year stay on Madeira, we embarked on countless levada walks, challenging hikes, and sought out the most captivating photo spots, waterfalls, viewpoints, and attractions the island has to offer.

After meticulous research and firsthand exploration, we compiled our experiences and discoveries into an e-book, a comprehensive guide designed to streamline your journey through Madeira. Our e-book is a labor of love, crafted for travelers who desire to make the most of their time on the island without the hassle of extensive research:

But our guide is more than just a list of places to visit. We have infused it with insights from our own adventures, including the best times to visit each location, practical tips, stunning photo inspirations, and most importantly, precise pin locations for each spot. With just one click, you can pinpoint exactly where you want to go, making your trip planning a breeze.

We poured our hearts into creating this e-book, hoping it will serve as a valuable resource for travelers looking to uncover the hidden gems of Madeira. We understand the importance of having a trusted guide in hand, as we wish we had one when we first set foot on this beautiful island.

Mapping out these places and gathering information about Madeira took us a long time and much effort, but now we’re glad to share the results of our work with you.
In this guidebook, we’ll take you on a journey through the island’s hidden treasures and show you all the must-see sights, as well as some lesser-known spots.

In our 130-page E-book you will find:

➛ top hikes (general info+location+difficulty level+incline+duration+tips)
➛ top levada walks (general info+location+difficulty level+incline+duration+tips)
➛ top viewpoints (general info+location+best time to visit+tips)
➛ top photo spots (general info+location+best time to visit+tips)
➛ top waterfalls (general info+location+best time to visit+tips)
➛ top drone spots (general info+location+best time to visit)
➛ top beaches (facilities+general info+location)
➛ top attractions (opening hours+cost+general info+location+best time to visit)
➛ weather month by month
➛ itinerary for your trip
➛ our recommendations
➛ answers to the frequently asked questions
➛ photo inspirations

Open the e-book on your phone or laptop and take it with you wherever you go.
Save time for planning and scouting locations!
With this e-book, you can navigate to the top locations and use our recommendations wherever you are.

You can find the E-book here:

Are you planning a trip to Madeira and looking for well-tested information?

Then this guide is for you! We value your time, that’s why only the most unique and unmissable locations have made it to our guide.
We know, when you travel, there is no time to research.
By buying this guide now, you are guaranteed to get all the future updates for free!

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Then check our 7-day free itinerary and have a sneak peek to our E-book:

We hope this guidebook will inspire you to pack your bags and explore this amazing island by yourself.

Karol and Maria.