Calheta invested 50 thousand euros in a bioshredder to facilitate land cleaning

The Calheta City Council invested around 50 thousand euros in the acquisition of a bio-shredding machine, with the aim of promoting the cleaning of land and green areas in the municipality, reducing accumulated combustible material. Residents can request this service.

The municipality explains that this machine has a crushing capacity of five tons per hour, allowing plant waste, such as branches, leaves and trees, to be efficiently crushed. The materials are thus transformed into small fragments, facilitating natural decomposition and reducing the risk of fires spreading.

“The investment comes at a crucial time, considering the importance of fire prevention, especially during the hottest months of the year”, considers Doroteia Leça, acting mayor, who made it known that the service will also be made available to citizens, upon request. to the municipality.

Prices for using the service will be adjusted for both individuals and companies and vary according to the time the bioshredder is used. An additional amount will also be charged if the applicant requests transport from the Municipality to bring the material to be crushed to the Municipal Council Warehouse, with the possibility of later reusing it to fertilize their land. Interested parties can obtain more information by contacting 291 824 210.

From Diário Notícias